Chamada Dossiê “Políticas penais no Brasil”

Brasília, 12/04/2021 - The Revista Brasileira de Execução Penal (RBEP), a technical-scientific journal of the National Penitentiary Department (Depen), receives proposals in continuous flow and for the constitution of the Dossier 01/2022 - “Penal policies in Brazil ”, From April 12 to October 31, 2021, at the electronic address: The publication “Penal policies in Brazil” seeks to gather qualified knowledge and analysis, produced by research, operators of justice and the penitentiary system on the State's role in the process of institutionalizing, managing and executing public policies for the prison system. Thus, theoretical and / or technical production must be linked to one of the thematic axes: Criminal policies and the criminal justice system; Social participation in criminal enforcement; Penitentiary policies and assistance for the prison system; Penitentiary intelligence policy; Policy to promote the citizenship of prisoners and egresses; and / or Policy of valorization, health and quality of life of the prison staff. Information: (61) 2025-3295 or by e-mail: